Item design development, focusing on living and working spaces, innovates and designs stable solutions based on emotional, mental and material values.
The interdisciplinary understanding - oriented to “design in need design indeed” philosophy - takes the challenge of addressing the real rock bottom reasons of any expressed or felt need, diagnosing it according to the life quality spectrum.
By this means, Item Design Development, basing itself on the theory of Prof. George Teodorescu, Integral design, is the one and only design firm between the design firms|studios in Turkey, which represents the state of art design or a similar approach.
Item Design Development, where emotional, spiritual and pragmatic visions meet the feedback from solid scientific and technological background in synergetic processes, conceptualizes paradigms, the substance for original business, economic leadership and for a competitive market.

2do - design
Bottega + Ehrhardt Arkhitektur
g2o Arkhitekten
IDO - İstanbul Deniz Otobüsü İşletmeleri
IU - İstanbul Ulaşım | MG - design | TETAŞ Co.
Gizir Furnishing Supplies
item Produkt Design | Tasarım Üssü
Proteksan Turquiose Yachts Inc.| Trexta Accesories
Publicmotor Brand Agentur
Frauenhofer Institut | Trumpf A.G.| Zeppelin NT
I.C.S.I.D. 2005 "Sustainable Rural Transportation"
Temsa A.Ş.
Mercedes - benz A.G.

product idea
Sustainable leadership in our model of economy needs continuous invention (conceptual innovation). An expert on innovation, item design development supplies this demand with a certain methodology.
product design
Design is use-oriented contention of human intelligence with problems and aesthetics is an indispensible segment. Our service is a package of hand sketches and digital renderings representing providebilty, producibilty, target group orientation and aesthetic qualities. Services supplied from the integral design space, applied as redesign and design for R&D, are integral design, conceptual design and industrial design.
product development
Conceptualized design is concluded. Hand sketches are carried into CAD with considerations of engineering (embodying an idea) process, which iteratively integrates to design process. Advanced level of mechanical engineering is served when necessary, including: structural strength analysis, kinematics simulation, molding simulation and sheet metal design.
product model | prototype
During design & development processes, models|design prototypes is served. A beta-function model is also supplied when necessary.
product management
The company success depends on best practice in Product Design and Product Management. All CAx activities are supported|escorted in relation to CRM,PLM(including PSM) and SCM.

Innovation is principaly related with "finding a new way of doing somethings" - influencing human life pragmatically. This pragmatic influence, changing daily life and defining a novel need, serves as a natural catalizer in today's economy.

Innovation, with its pragmatic influence and catalizer act, is different from product development or invention. It naturaly results with new products of new perspectives, which are the essences of market leadership.
Since a develoment of an existing product accompanied with a new aesthetics is not an innovation, effects of such a product on markets will not be comparable with the effects of a product which is a real innovation. Innovation can not be created with only new aesthetichs, with only better technics or with only a higher level of art. For innovation an integrating understanding is necessary.
The power of this integrating understanding which is the source of innovation, depends on
diversity of knowledge and experiences. The larger and the deeper the pool of creativity, the higher the number of innovation solutions.


bayram okan yapıcı
2008 -         Founder, Designer, item design development
2006-2008 - Freelance designer
2003-2006 - Master of design : Integral Studies | Stuttgart State Academy of Art & Design
1998-2003 - R&D | transportation - Daimler-Chrysler & TEMSA
1994-1998 - Istanbul Technical University - Bsc. Mechanical Engineering

selected experiences

office chair design (2do-design )

yacht design (proteksan turquoise yachts co. ltd.)

room partitioning system (tasarim ussu co. ltd.)

architecture, interior architecture (zoom t.p.u.)

mobile products accesories design (trexta ltd. şti.)

water container design (mg-design)

tri-cycle design (ICSID2005 - south africa)

bottega+ehrhardt architecture - germany

euroshoe CRM projesi (frauenhofer institute - germany)

medical devices design (item product design - germany)

form work by founder - "Aesthetics of Ugly : Deep Sea"